How to Take Advantage of Learning Hebrew by Books

hebrewbookdemoLearning about a new language is something that is on a lot of people’s “bucket list.” One of the languages that fascinate many is Hebrew. Hebrew is the ancient language of the Jewish people.  Jews that didn’t learn Hebrew for their Bar Mitzvah are one group of interested learners.  Even Christians are embarking on the journey to learn it, because they to study the Bible and visit the land of Israel.

It is a desired language for many Biblical scholars, or those who are simply inspired to learn to read and write the language. To learn the language, people can enroll in a class at a university. They can attend special classes that may be offered by a synagogue or they can opt to take an online class. Another way to learn the language is to purchase Books for Learning Hebrew. This way seems to be a viable option for many people, as they can learn the language at their own pace, in the comfort of their homes.

Studying the Hebrew language, on one’s own can be extremely tough. It is imperative that if one is going to use books to study the language, that the books chosen are the best for the task. If one is a beginner in the language, there are six books that come highly recommended: Living Language Hebrew, Complete Edition (Beginner to Advanced), Teach Yourself to Read Hebrew, A Step by Step Guide to Modern Hebrew, My First Hebrew Word Book, The Routledge Introductory Course in Modern Hebrew, and Hebrew: A Language Course Level One. Any of these six books are ideal to Study Hebrew. The first book is really great for beginners and includes 9 cds and 3 books.

The second book has been deemed the absolute best for those who are beginners in learning the language. Its main focus is on the student learning to read Hebrew words. The third book is geared towards learning modern Hebrew, and teaches the student how to put together complex sentences. Book number four is written primarily for children to learn Hebrew. However, since the language can be complicated, adults can benefit from this book also. The fifth book is for those students who are looking to excel in the Hebrew grammar. The last book strongly emphasizes the student learning and internalizing the Hebrew alphabet. By the time the student completes the book, he or she will be reading and writing Hebrew sentences and paragraphs. The student is also encouraged to the get the second edition of this last book at

One can Learn to speak Hebrew with the help of any of these books, and others as well. Although the previous six books come highly suggested, there are others who have done further research, or have lived abroad in Israel. They have reviewed other books that they believe to be helpful in learning the language. One scholar suggests two books that he believes are best for the self-study of Hebrew: Easing into Modern Hebrew Grammar and Hebrew at Your Ease. For those students who desire Biblical Hebrew, there is a series entitled “Hinneh- Biblical Hebrew the Practical Way.” More information can be gathered by visiting the website, Neal Walters’ path to life long learning.

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