8 Big Benefits of AWS for Small Businesses

As companies are moving toward the cloud computing model, options are becoming more plentiful. However, few of them meet as wide a range of needs as AWS (Amazon Web Services). Running apps here can help businesses move faster, increase operational security, and save money, all while benefiting from the performance and scalability of the cloud. Below are some of the biggest benefits of Amazon Web Services.

It’s Easy to Use and Set Up

If a business owner has never used a cloud service before, setting up Amazon Cloud should be easy. Amazon provides tutorials for storing files, running virtual servers, deploying and hosting sites, running databases, and more. The Management Console allows users to manage their services intuitively, with command line interface and API options.

It’s Cost-Effective

Most of the advantages listed here relate to Amazon Web Services’ cost-efficiency. For instance, business owners can save in the form of increased productivity and uptime. Furthermore, Amazon’s cloud service has a low entry cost. Small businesses and startups can begin reaping the benefits of cloud services with only a small initial investment. One of the best things about it is that customers only pay for what they use, and there’s no long-term contract.

It’s Highly Scalable

Amazon Web Services’ existing infrastructure and payment model means that users can enjoy nearly limitless scalability. If it’s good enough for a behemoth like Netflix, it’s good enough for a small business, and capacity is added each day. As a business evolves, resources and services can quickly be implemented or taken away at a lower cost than with other models.

High Security for Everyone

Some people believe that making the move to the cloud means less security, but that simply isn’t true. While the cloud can never be made perfectly safe, Amazon has taken great steps to mitigate risk. All data is held in secure data centers that meet the most stringent residency and compliance requirements. With the Amazon Web Services security model, even the smallest company gets the same world-class security as the largest enterprise.

More Uptime

Using cloud services doesn’t eliminate the potential for downtime, but Amazon’s model provides a more-than-reasonable expectation of performance. Amazon tops Microsoft and even Google in terms of uptime, and they consistently deliver on their service level agreement of 99.95% uptime.

Flexible Services

Whether a business owner is moving from a different cloud service or they’re reorganizing the company’s local IT infrastructure, Amazon Web Services offers flexibility and choice. Users can benefit from the OS, database, programming language, and services that work best for their environments. With this flexibility, companies can deploy faster and maintain agility with time.


Security, scalability, flexibility, and cost-efficiency are all great, but they’re not the only advantages Amazon Web Services provides. Business owners can enjoy faster deployment and improved performance of applications, which helps users do their jobs more efficiently. With the proper training, Amazon’s cloud services can help businesses bring their infrastructure and staffing costs down.

It Gets Better With Time

Many long-term benefits have been identified, with the prevailing theme being that IT departments are able to devote more time to high-level projects rather than routine tasks. While this benefit is apparent from the beginning, the advantages increase the longer a business owner uses the service. Savings, increased productivity, scalability, reliability, and flexibility are just some of the reasons why now’s the right time to start with Amazon Web Services.

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