Asian Resources in Dallas Texas

I live in Plano, TX, part of the Dallas/Ft Worth Metroplex. According to List of U.S. cities with large South Asian/Indian-American populations it is #2 major city in the US by population percentage. According to List of U.S. cities with significant Chinese-American populations it is #6. And according to List of U.S. cities with significant Korean-American populations it is #9. (All ranks are for large cities only, which are defined as >250,000.) Asian Americans eclipsed Latinos in Plano as the largest minority back in 2005 (from this article). In 2010 Asian Americans were at 16.9%.

Based on my research, I am technically Asian too — being born and raised in Siberia, where my ancestors lived for generations, a person here can be as Asian as they want to be — there are many businesses/facilities that cater to Asian Americans and their specific needs to everybody’s delight — all people benefit from good ethnic restaurants, Asian groceries, baths/spas, and other businesses.

According to the Greater Dallas Asian-American Chamber of Commerce there are more than 300,000 Asian-Americans in North Texas. They’ve been flocking here for more than a decade. The Asian population is increasing by leaps and bounds across the country, including North Texas. In Denton County the Asian population increased 150 percent the past decade according to census figures. In Dallas County it’s 35 percent.

There is definitely a Korea-town around the Roayl Lane and I35 area. They have have the huge Kinga’s Spa, with over 10 different types of Saunas and an indoor water park for children.

There is a Dallas Chinatown – near Richardson in North Dallas. It’s a hub of trade, commerce and culture for Dallas’ Asian community. Huge oriental statues greet you upon arrival and a center filled with specialty restaurants and shopping, this area is a must-see. Stop for braised duck wonton noodle soup at Canton or a plate of hearty dumplings at Jeng Chi Dumpling House or before indulging in shaved ice desserts from May’s Ice Cream.

This Chinatown works in tanden with the Dallas Chinese Community Center (DCCC). It’s purpose is to promote Chinese culture and to foster diversity through educational, cultural and recreational programs and activities that enrich the lives of immigrants and broad American society.

Unlike “traditional” immigration of NY or SF, most Asian Americans started to arrive in DFW area ~50 years ago to work in high-tech industry, which was located North of Dallas starting with Richardson, and grew north. It means that newcomers were well-educated, and relatively high-paid. It was reflected on younger generations as well. Parents were able to pass down their work ethics and an ability to value good education.

Every year,there is a two-day event called the Thai Culture and Food Festival. The free event is held at The Buddist Center of Dallas (north of Downtown) and takes place in the spring and kicks off with an opening parade, followed by cultural performances, including traditional Thai classical dances, and guided tours through the Buddist temple at the center. Be sure to try all the tasty Thai food from local restaurants – don’t miss chicken satay nor the vegan papaya salad.

Also check out this new growing social/community for Dallas/Ft Worth Asians – There you can read articles about the Asian community and learn about new and upcoming events.

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