About Me

Hey ya! Kenneth here.

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Who Run This Blog?
This blog is run by me, Kenneth Martinez, a New Yorker, who lives in his small apartment downtown in Manhattan with his 5-yr old daughter, Elisa.

Being a single parent, I have to put extra attention to my daughter. As a high-school teacher, I make sure Elisa got the best education I can afford. After a long research, I finally opt in for home schooling considering I couldn't drop and pick her up daily due to my day job and Elisa was not comfortable in day school.

I hold a Bachelor in English from New York University and since I always love kids and passionate in teaching, I decided to be a teacher.

Having a career in education help me to think creatively and criticize new findings. Chalk and board are old fashioned; the whiteboard is no longer widely used. Everybody has a smartphone and 90% of US citizens can open websites. We grow in the country that is a leader in technology. New startup companies are popping up every month offering newly and improved technologies to make our life easier.

The competition is getting higher, and people seems like lacking of time. Most of us don't have time to read websites; it takes time! This is the main reason. I deliver this blog mostly in a podcast. It saves time, faster, and reaches more visitors.

Why Podcast
If you’re new to podcasts, imagine theme like a small radio show that you can listen anywhere you like with any device you have. You can listen to podcasts while you're at a gym, lunch break, elevator, on a plane, while driving, and even while waiting for your wife to dress up. #donttellyourwife

There are a lot of good podcasting apps in both App Store and Google Play Store. One of my favorites is called Downcast, a free app from Apple Store. It's a handy tool that allows me to search for shows, subscribe to them and even speed up the audio. As an alternative, an app called Sticher is also free and available in Google Play Store.

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